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Video – LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for Innovation

Marko Rillo facilitating Innovation Summit with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY at Bucharest Technology Week. This LEGO SERIOUS PLAY session took place on 24 May 2016 at Sheraton Bucharest with more than 120 participants who were divided into 21 tables. All the tables were tasked with a number of different LEGO SERIOUS PLAY exercises that were used to increase their creativity and generate innovative business ideas.

Lego Serious Play Sessions in Minsk, Belarus

Below there is a gallery from LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training sessions in Minsk, Belarus

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY at Joomla World Conference

Ramesh Srinivasan of Second Avenue India and I will be facilitating a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY session with 500 participants of the Joomla World Conference tomorrow. We have designed a 2-hour session during which the people attending the World Conference will get the chance to engage in the following activity:

  1. Use LEGO bricks and to build themselves and describe their background.
  2. Build the future of the Joomla global community

If you want to follow what was built then follow the event feed with twitter hashtags:


Lego Serious Play exercise

Lego Serious Play exercise