I was trained and certified by LEGO as a facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM methodology before LEGO introduced its Open Source policy and stopped training facilitators under their auspices. I have used the Lego Serious Play methodology in facilitating strategy development, complex problem solving and team building.

In addition I am a member of the International Association of Facilitators who gathers facilitators from around the world.

You might require the support of a facilitator in different situations. Sometimes it is useful to rely on an internal facilitator who knows better people and context. At other times you need a neutral person – a third party to take the full responsibility of managing the process. A skilled facilitator can help you handle group processes in such a manner that it brings out the best potential of your people and silences those habits that have been stopping you from progressing.

I have had an honor to work with a with a wide variety of very interesting groups from different nationalities. One of the most interesting cases of Lego Serious Play facilitation practice was to use the LSP in drafting vision for entire country. A task with 160 participants – Estonian industry leaders, politicians, researchers, artists discussing the issues that matter most in the future of their country. Read here for detailed case study …

In 2010 I established SeriousPlayPro.COM as an international network of professional and certified facilitators in Lego Serious Play  methodology with everybody interested in creative strategizing and problem solving tools.

Lego Serious Play exercise

Lego Serious Play exercise