Marko Rillo - foto: Urmas Kamdron


Personal development

I want to achieve my goals and be a better of myself


I want to inspire, motivate, and bring out the best in my team


I want to work smarter, not harder

New business

I want to find new avenues for new businesses

Business development

I want to grow my business and maximize my profits


I want to reorganize my business

Curriculum vitae

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I have managed a number of different companies and individual projects, including being a manager of the Phare CFC Unit in Estonia (1997-2001) handling more than 47 mEUR annual budget, reorganized an IT firm, handled difficult project turnaround situations, e.g. in Kosovo (2011-12), where I was the 4th consecutive leader of the team of 9 long-term, 15 short-term experts and 2 local back-office staff and ensured smooth finalization of the project that was seriously behind schedule. In addition to my native Estonia I have lived and worked 3 years in Croatia, 1.5 years in Kosovo, 1 year in Turkey. Also done several short-term assignments elsewhere. See my detailed CV here



I have trained in leadership, strategy and change management for 15 years


I am certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator


I have used various tools to analyze details or synthesize generic trends from big data

  • Some Keywords

Organizational diagnostics (process mapping and analysis, EFQM/CAF assessment), analysis of strategy practices (Parolini Strategy Net, RBV, SWOT-TOWS, Balanced Scorecard), strategy positioning (Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategy Canvas, BCG etc), business modeling (value proposition design, Osterwalder, Ricart-Casadesus-Masanell, Gassmann), organizational design based on multiple contingencies (Burton-Obel method), system dynamics modeling  (stock-flow), management analysis and personnel analysis (MBTI, Myers-Briggs analysis, DiSC, competency models), visual cause-effect tools (strategy maps, problem trees, 5-whys etc), LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (Real Time Strategy, Real TIme Identity, business ideastorming, business modeling, resolving complex problems), Executive Coaching certificate, Professional Facilitator certificate etc ...


  • Clients in Estonia
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Autoliv Group (Sweden), Bulgarian Ministry of Environment, East West Consulting (Belgium), ECORYS Consulting (Netherlands), DG Europeaid (Belgium), DG Regional Development (Belgium), EBRD (United Kingdom), European Commission, Europartners Group (Albania/Belgium), GIZ (Germany), Georgian Ministry of Euro-atlantic Integration, Croatian Ministry of European Integration, Croatian Ministry of Finance, Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Human Dynamics (Austria), IBF (Belgium), Kosovo Ministry of European Integration, Kosovo Ministry of Local Government Administration, Kosovo Association of Regional Development Agencies, Latvian Society Integration Foundation, Latvian Ministry of Regional Development (VARAM), Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands), Ministry of Finance in Albania, Nicolaas Witsen Foundation (Netherlands), Open Source Matters / Joomla Community, PM Group (Ireland), ROI International (Netherlands), SAFEGE (France), Sanoma Group (Finland), SIPU International (Sweden), Talentgate (Sweden), Turkish Ministry of Development


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Phone: +372 504 0260
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